New Horizons School has been open since 1985...serving the diverse families of San Antonio and their children!
At New Horizons School we believe in providing children the very best. Our proven curriculum lays the foundation of knowledge built upon in each advancing grade. Our seasoned teachers and care givers indulge children in hands-on activities designed to teach creative thinking and problem solving. Fostered in a family environment, children are nurtured to develop a strong sense of self and teamwork.​​

Our Programs:

Research shows that infants develop and learn through positive and warm day to day experiences. Together our staff works with parents to schedule each infant’s day to meet the individual needs of each child. A relationship of trust is built providing the infants the secur ity that they need to thrive. Children spend their day alternating between active exploration, one-on-one interaction, feeding, toileting and naptimes throughout the day. 

Our toddlers spend the day interacting with each other through a myriad of activities designed to meet their emerging languages and social skills. This program sets the foundation for later learning. Reading, music, dance, crafting and role-playing are common activities planned each day.

An abundance of energy creates a need for dedicated teachers to provide a variety of hands-on experiences. Classes are structured with an emphasis on play. Students interact with one another and the world around them through creative art, science discoveries, out door playtime, early reading and math exercises, field trips and special visitors.

After School
The New Horizons after-school program caters to children with working parents with a full day schedule. Our staff understands the importance of providing a relaxed environment after a long school day while at the same time encouraging children to use the after-school time to complete their homework.